About Us

Born in 1987, Selkent Fastenings began trading in London as a specialist fixing supplier to the construction and civil engineering sectors. Right from( the) early beginnings, the inspired owners quickly became aware of the tight schedules upon which the construction industry is built. This resulted in a vision that inspired those owners, that evolved the Selkent brand, and which continues to inspire every Selkent staff member today. As the business continued to grow, it became apparent that Selkent had a service that no other competitor could offer. Based just 8 miles for the very heart of London; Selkent Fastenings has become a key and vital supplier to the immense construction demands which our country faces.

We also run our business in a responsible way. We are conscious of our responsibilities to our customers, staff and to the local and wider communities within which we operate. Our commitment is expressed in our Quality and Environmental Policies.


Selkent Fastenings have been ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2014.


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